WHO Foundation announces new campaign, Healthier Together, produced by BBC StoryWorks

The WHO Foundation is delighted to announce a major campaign highlighting the breadth, diversity, and impact of organizations taking responsibility for global health. This digital film series, Healthier Together: A path to a better world, will be produced for participating organizations by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the BBC’s award-winning branded content division, and launch on BBC.com in early 2024.

While understanding and appreciation of the role of traditional healthcare providers has improved in recent years, the pandemic and other health emergencies have highlighted persistent deficits around health: in comprehension, equity, participation, and funding. Private organizations, institutions, community-based organizations, and businesses have a role in addressing these shortfalls through innovation, financing, collaboration, and by taking responsibility for the health of employees, customers, stakeholders, and communities.

Through powerful, human-centric storytelling, Healthier Together will spotlight transformational, equitable, and replicable programs and initiatives through which organizations beyond traditional healthcare providers are contributing to Health for All: reframing public perceptions of this new ecosystem of health and galvanizing individuals and organizations to become active participants in its promotion. Informed by core WHO Foundation initiatives.


It will focus on impact in the following four areas:

Emergency response: initiatives and innovations to build community resilience, predict and prevent disaster, and respond faster and more effectively than ever.

Determinants of health: tackling the wider set of forces and systems shaping public health, including climate change, income, built environments, access to resources, and more.

Innovating for equity: breakthrough technology transforming disease prevention and cure, made available to those who most need them globally.

Mental wellness: businesses and institutions taking action to improve the mental health and wellbeing of employees, stakeholders, and communities.

Healthier Together will launch on a dedicated BBC.com microsite in early 2024. A multi-platform digital campaign will engage key segments from among BBC.com’s 130 million monthly browsers, further boosted by the WHO Foundation and our network, and at key events like the World Health Assembly and COP28. Through proprietary insights tools, BBC StoryWorks will assess whether audiences have indeed reconsidered the question of participation in health – both their own and that of this new ecosystem.

BBC StoryWorks’ creative teams will be working with a selection of partners on a branded piece for the series. To express your organization’s interest in participating in the series, please share stories by 10 July 2023 by following this link: http://bbcstudios.com/healthier-together-stories.

Stories will be reviewed, and a selection will be invited to discuss engaging BBC StoryWorks’ creative teams to produce a branded piece for the series, for which there is a fee determined by production variables. A team of researchers, producers and writers will work with selected organizations to capture positive change in a compelling and striking way, and those organizations can also amplify the series on their own channels as facilitated by the BBC StoryWorks and WHO Foundation teams.

The WHO Foundation looks forward to bringing these stories of meaningful impact to screen.

For BBC StoryWorks enquiries, please contact: Liam Wilby, Series Developer, liam.wilby@bbc.com 

For WHO Foundation enquiries, please contact: Tia Jeewa, Special Advisor on Communications and DEI, t.jeewa@who.foundation 

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