Area of focus

Digital health tools

Digital health has the power to save lives by cutting costs, speeding up treatment and increasing access to quality health care services globally.

Digital health tools

Facts and figures

Meeting health needs


million deaths

are attributed to poor quality care each year in low- and middle-income countries, up to 15% of overall deaths.


of the global population

lacks access to health services.


of the population

in most Sub-Saharan countries lives over two hours away from essential health services.

Potential impacts


cost savings

across health systems in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa by investing in digital tools.


health security

can be increased through digital surveillance and outbreak management.



in potential annual savings thanks to a reduction in hospital visits.

WHO’s role in digital health


The World Health Organization (WHO) connects 194 countries through initiatives like the Global Digital Health Certification Network (Trust Network) to ensure secure health information sharing.


WHO helps countries improve digital health governance by providing technical assistance and supporting policy development.


WHO sets global standards for digital health policy and AI use in healthcare to protect patient safety and data privacy.

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