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Vaccines for everyone, everywhere: Go Give One Activity Report 2021

A health worker in Islamabad, Pakistan administers a COVID-19 vaccination.

Credit: Gavi/Asad Zaid

Life-saving COVID-19 vaccines changed the entire face of the pandemic. As vaccination campaigns in high-income countries rolled out in 2021, it became clear that people living in lower-income countries would wait much longer for protection. The global failure to share vaccines equitably fuelled the emergence of new COVID-19 variants and led to the loss of many lives.

The WHO Foundation launched the Go Give One vaccine equity campaign to help give everyone, everywhere the chance to help vaccinate the world. Members of the public were asked to help donate the $5 cost of the COVID-19 vaccine, with funds going to GAVI COVAX AMC, a vaccine distribution mechanism led by WHO, Gavi, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), and UNICEF

Incredible achievement 

Response to the campaign from the public and a wide range of business partners was overwhelmingly positive.
In its first year, the campaign attracted the support of more than 20 partner organizations, each absolutely vital in ensuring its success, by donating money and other valuable resources.

As of May 2022:

  • COVAX had delivered 1.58 billion COVID-19 doses to 146 economies
  • Go Give One raised US$10.5 million for Gavi COVAX AMC from people in more than 118 countries

The pandemic is not over, nor is the challenge to vaccinate the world. Successful vaccination is key to ending the pandemic and help is still needed. 

To read the  Go Give One Annual Activity Report 2021 and learn how donations are helping power vaccines around the world, visit

Cherika Hardjakusumah

August 24, 2022, 4 min. read
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