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Coordination, planning, financing, and monitoring

Combatting a global threat requires a global coordinated response. Since the beginning of the pandemic, every national authority has been asked to plan a COVID-19 response by activating multi-sectoral, multi-partner coordination mechanisms. The coordination, planning, financing, and monitoring of the response are crucial to end the pandemic by gathering all the updated information and setting priorities for action. Pillar 1 ensures a coordinated and efficient response to the COVID-19 throughout all the SPRP pillars at national and subnational levels.

Created in March 2020 and for the first time during a global pandemic by the WHO and United Nations Development Coordination Office (UNDCO), the COVID-19 Partners Platform enables countries to work with WHO, UN partners, implementing partners and donors to plan, coordinate, and finance activities collaboratively in real time. The digital tool helps partners identify funding gaps and meet demands to strengthen the health system. The COVID-19 Partners Platform also provides an evaluation tool for National authorities to evaluate their action plan and improve them.

WHO supports countries to identify and prioritize investments, to ensure the right deployment of funds, to implement rapid resource mapping and expenditure tracking to deploy tools, and to learn and share their knowledge with others. SPRP Pillar 1 provides real time information that is crucial to allow equitable access to resources.


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