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Points of entry, international travel and transport, and mass gatherings

Managing risk globally is vital to stopping the spread of COVID, with benefits extending far beyond this pandemic. However, many countries and regions are not prepared or empowered to put in place risk mitigation measures. A truly global response requires harmonized guidance in the areas of infection prevention and control, surveillance and case management at points of entry, and systems to monitor international contact tracing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, WHO has been working with Governments and global partners to scale up passenger screening, early detection and isolation of suspected cases and quarantine of contacts at points of entry. WHO’s support and guidance mean that Governments can find solutions that do not impose unwarranted restrictions on travel and trade while fulfilling International Health Regulations at their borders. Through regular risk assessments using global, regional and national data, WHO can develop, adjust and implement COVID-19 related public health protocols at points of entry.

Mass gatherings pose specific public health risks. In the context of COVID-19, WHO has developed guidelines, training and resources on the hosting of mass gatherings for public health officials. This support goes beyond protecting individuals from the spread of COVID-19 and strengthens the entire health system by developing lessons learnt and building the capacity in countries.


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