The World Health Organization (WHO) leads global efforts to give everyone, everywhere the chance to enjoy a healthy life.



WHO is the United Nations agency entrusted to promote health, keep the world safe and serve those in vulnerable circumstances.

It works in 150 country offices across six continents, with governments and health partners. WHO’s staff members and public health experts lead on health emergencies, they champion access to healthcare for all and work tirelessly to help us live safer, healthier lives.

WHO’s unique relationship with decision-makers means its guidance can be rolled out at scale. Its actions are based on science, with health equity at the core. Its reach is unparalleled.

Health leaders

We all need health. By investing in our health and that of others, we improve our life expectancy, our economies and our quality of living.

The world now has vaccinations against 30 deadly diseases and the number of children dying before the age of five has halved in 20 years.

To meet the needs of today and tomorrow, WHO must invest in science, in emergency preparedness, in efforts to tackle diseases like diabetes and heart disease and in the growing threat to health from climate change.

Investment Round

WHO’s first-ever Investment Round invites governments, foundations and companies to pledge financing towards its work until 2028.

With a fully-funded WHO



lives could be saved.



health workers could be trained.



health facilities could be created.

Investing in WHO can move
the world closer to the vision
of health for all.

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