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Today’s health emergencies call for even greater levels of preparation and cooperation. Together we can mobilize a fast and effective response to rapidly evolving health emergencies and save lives.

A great team

What is the

The Health Emergencies Alliance (HEA) is a membership community of businesses and private foundations, convened by the WHO Foundation. It is committed to saving lives during health emergencies. Reliable funding from HEA members enables the World Health Organization (WHO) to react rapidly with life-saving medical support, and to better prepare for future crises, wherever they strike.

Our membership includes:

Saving lives in


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Disease outbreaks, natural disasters, war, and crises induced by a changing climate threaten the lives, health, and well-being of more than 300 million people. WHO plays a vital role in health emergencies. It coordinates a worldwide health response with more than 1,600 operational partners and acts as first responder for the health of the world’s most vulnerable people.

With a presence in over 150 countries, WHO strengthens healthcare on the ground before, during and after disasters, helping people reclaim their lives.

HEA members mobilise rapidly in the event of a health emergency, supported by staff members at the WHO Foundation.

Why join
the HEA?


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Work together

Contribute your expertise and resources to help solve some of the world’s most pressing health challenges, while gaining insight into the work of HEA partners and WHO.


Gain insights

Access expert information about global health emergencies, including disease outbreaks and climate-induced crises. Allowing you to respond faster and more effectively, and make better business decisions, from investment to employee engagement and awareness.


Join a community

The HEA community convenes during key international events, including the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations General Assembly.

Receive exclusive WHO Foundation reports, newsletters, and briefs, as well as recognition and exposure via our public platforms.

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