We disrupt, reimagine and reshape how people and companies contribute to global health.


We raise funds to improve people’s health worldwide

Millions of people have little or no chance of good health, simply because of where they were born, live, or work. The World Health Organization (WHO) think that’s unfair and must change.

We are working hard to improve the situation by connecting donors with amazing initiatives that make a huge difference to people’s lives. Our links with WHO mean we can make these connections all over the world, ultimately making global healthcare fairer.

We create impact investing opportunities

Did you know there are profitable ways to share the benefits of health? Our partnerships with impact investing initiatives guide funds into ventures that advance global health equity, with a share of profits earmarked for the WHO.

We inspire change

We lead conversations about achieving greater, more equitable health. We challenge and inspire businesses, individuals, and communities to contribute to a healthier world.

How we work

We connect donors to doers in order to fund the “big bets”, those initiatives with the greatest potential to improve global health.

As a foundation, we support the WHO and its global network of partners by mobilizing new funding from diverse sources – including philanthropists, foundations, businesses, and individuals – to drive innovation and transform the global health ecosystem.

We focus on initiatives that address health inequities and the barriers to good health – including poverty, conflict, discrimination, and injustice.

Health Emergencies Alliance

Every humanitarian crisis is also a health crisis. We support the WHO’s tireless work to prevent, prepare for and respond to health emergencies wherever they take place.

Timely investment coupled with expert preparations can help provide quality healthcare for people in crisis, reduce suffering, and save many lives.