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The World Health Organization (WHO) plays a singular role in leading the global health ecosystem, producing technical guidelines and tools to prevent and treat disease, and acting as a country-level convener with an unparalleled level of trust. The crises of the 21st century, including COVID-19, have made clear both the inequity of access to effective and affordable healthcare and the indispensable role of WHO. Yet WHO lacks sufficient resources to fulfill its mandate. And, beyond funding, its vision cannot be achieved by the public sector alone. The WHO Foundation was created as an independent Swiss foundation affiliated with but independent of WHO to marshal new resources from philanthropists, foundations, businesses, and individuals to support its mission: promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable.

The Health Emergency Appeal for the Sahel & the Greater Horn of Africa

Donate : The Health Emergency Appeal for the Sahel & the Greater Horn of Africa

On September 16, 2022, along with WHO, we launched the Health Emergency Appeal for the Sahel and the Greater Horn of Africa to respond to the rising health needs as millions face acute hunger.
The Sahel & Greater Horn of Africa regions are experiencing one of the worst food insecurity situations in decades. It is estimated that more than 63 million people are facing extreme hunger or above and 17.8 million are internally displaced due to climate change,  armed conflict, or food insecurity. While finding food and safe water is the absolute priority, the health response is essential to avert preventable diseases and death.

The rising droughts and food insecurity is contributing to increased health risks and needs such as a great need for preventive and curative healthcare services in the affected population.

Donations to the appeal are ongoing via hoa-sahel.who.foundation.

Celebrities unite to show the power of humankind in our new global fundraiser for Ukraine’s healthcare crisis

Celebrities unite to show the power of humankind in our new global fundraiser for Ukraine’s healthcare crisis

Seven months on from the war in Ukraine on 24 February, the WHO Foundation has launched a new fundraising e-store selling branded merchandise and one-off items donated by stars from across the world.

Musicians Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran, and Ellie Goulding; sports heroes Wladimir Klitschko, Vitalii Mykolenko, and Shaquille O’Neal; and artists Shepard Fairey, Mr Brainwash, and Richard Orlinski are donating once-in-a-lifetime personal items for the Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine.


Visit our e-store and make a donation.

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Support the Health Emergency Appeal for Ukraine

With every day that passes, the numbers of casualties and attacks on Ukraine’s health care system grow. Those subject to the greatest suffering are the Ukrainians, and in August 2022, nearly 18 million people in Ukraine still needed humanitarian assistance. Since 24 February 2022, nearly nine million have crossed Ukraine’s borders to seek safety and become refugees. The number of those losing their lives or whose health has deteriorated due to disrupted treatment or limited access to health care, is far too high.

The people of Ukraine still need help.
Donate to the health emergency appeal to support WHO’s response.

OurCrowd Launches $200 Million Global Health Equity Fund in collaboration with the WHO Foundation at the Clinton Global Initiative

OurCrowd & WHO Foundation launch $200 Million Global Health Equity Fund at the Clinton Global Initiative

The Global Health Equity Fund (GHEF) is a $200 million unique financial-first impact venture capital investment fund, focusing on breakthrough technology solutions that can impact healthcare globally. It will fuel innovation and increase investment in the health sector, with the shared goals of delivering competitive returns to investors and ensuring equitable access to medical care.
WHO Foundation and Our Crowd share the aim of acting as standard bearers within the investment and global health communities, demonstrating the viability of investing to get robust returns and intended impact, with both goals benefiting from partnerships across the private and public sectors.


Read More.

Vaccine Equity GoGiveOne

Vaccines for everyone, everywhere

We created the Go Give One campaign based on the simple belief that individuals, wherever they are, can play a powerful role in the fight against COVID-19 by investing in the health of their world.

A fundraising campaign with no borders, Go Give One calls on everyone, everywhere to play their part in helping to vaccinate the world. Money raised goes to an international fund called COVAX AMC, which buys COVID-19 vaccines for the world, starting with those who need them the most.

By donating one or more vaccines today, we can achieve so much together.

Pakistan floods: August - September 2022

WHO Foundation launches Health Emergencies Alliance

The world has never faced a crisis like COVID-19. The pandemic has impacted communities everywhere.

The need to fund health emergency response is now greater than ever. By committing to support the newly launched Health Emergencies Alliance, partners can play a key role in providing predictable and reliable funding for unpredictable health emergencies supporting WHO’s Global Health Emergency Appeal, aiming to provide humanitarian assistance to 160 million people across 56 countries in 2022 alone. Over five years, the WHO Foundation’s Health Emergencies Alliance Heath has set a target of $100 million to achieve this goal.

Learn more about What We Do.
Read more about the Health Emergency Alliance.

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